Medical Billing

Our team of expert billers and collectors will get you the maximum possible income to your practice.

“We are committed to bringing consistent, maximum income to your practice, month after month…”

Anyone can send out bills for your Workers’ Comp services. But can they get you PAID?

 Full Service Billing and follow-up, Including Medicare, PPO/HMO and Personal Injury

 Electronic billing to all Workers’ Comp and Health Insurance Carriers

 Payments in an average of 19 days (and as little as 5 days)

 Requests For Authorization (RFA)

 Second Bill Reviews (SBRs)

 Independent Bill Reviews (IBRs)

 SB 1160 and SB 1175 Workers’ Comp Reform Rules

 OMFS and California Specific Codes

 ICD10 Coding

 Complete Reporting and Practice Analysis by Financial Class, Referral Sources, and all other matrixes

It is our mission in 2017 to be the leading edge in billing and collections for our providers and to see your practice enjoy unprecedented success and income.  We’ve absorbed the major changes of SB863 , SB1160, and SB1175. We have integrated those requirements into our billing and collections protocols resulting in tens of thousands of additional dollars paid on denied and underpaid claims.

  • "Our collections INCREASED by 30% since Westshore took over our billing."

    LK Orthopedic Surgeon
  • ”Westshore’s customer service is unmatched!"

    HK Office Manager
  • "Westshore has been billing for my office for a decade. Lori and her staff have been able to collect monies that I thought I would never collect."

    CC Anesthesiologist
  • "They are the best billing service we have worked with in 45 years."

    LK Orthopedic Surgeon

We fight for every dollar to which you are entitled.