Accounts Receivables, Liens and WCAB

What does it take to turn your unpaid claims and liens into cash?

“Getting you the quickest, maximum reimbursement possible for your liens…”

We can identify every single lien of record you have ever filed, regardless of how it was filed or when it was filed to determine which liens are still within statues and are collectible

We track your cases through EAMS and EDEX, create Hearing Calendars and receive Case Updates and Activity

We can file a single lien for you or thousands of liens at a time

We will represent your lien at all mandatory hearings, including MSCs, Lien Conferences and Lien Trials, at every WCAB throughout California

Skilled collectors

Our team of Workers’ Comp Collectors are on the telephone all day, working with Claims Examiners, Defense Attorneys and Lien Units negotiate maximum settlements of your claims. We produce Settlement Demands, Demands for Medical Reports, intensive research of Cases In Chief to grasp all aspects of your claims and aggressively frame responses and demands on the issues related to your denials (MPN, UR, Coding, Pre-Authorization) … ALL TO GET YOU PAID. We resolve 80% of our liens through effective and skilled Lien Negotiations prior to hearings.

An expert billing team

All unpaid claims are first evaluated for proper coding and documentation, and your Denials and EOBs are reviewed to understand WHY your claims were not paid. Experienced Workers’ Comp billers can spot and correct coding issues, documentation issues, and other legal issues and remedy them through the Second Bill Review process and/or working with claims examiners and Bill Reviews Companies to get you paid without waiting for WCAB hearings. 25% of the claims in our office get paid through the efforts of our expert billers.

Efficient and knowledgeable staff

We research and follow all your liens through EAMS and EDEX systems to monitor your cases, calendar and schedule your hearings, file Liens and DORs and serve and upload all require documentation into EAMS to protect your rights under California Labor Code.

Professional WCAB litigation team

If we cannot resolve your lien informally, we will litigate your claim at the WCAB to get you the maximum possible dollar at the board
EAMS/EDEX filing of inquiries, Case Watches, Liens, DORs and all Party and Event Notifications keep us up-to-the-minute on every unpaid claim
Appearance at all mandatory hearings, including MSCs, Lien Conferences and Lien Trials
Stips and Orders to Pay your Liens
WCAB Petitions for current Panel QME and other Medical Legal claims

  • "Westshore has successfully collected in excess of $2.7M for us."

  • "Westshore is bringing in money that I had long ago given up trying to recover."

    CH Psychologist
  • "We will never go back to doing our own collections. I wish I had discovered Westshore years ago."

    TH Neuropsychologist
  • "Their collections work is the best we ever had."

    HK Office Manager

We fight for every dollar to which you are entitled.

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