QME Billing and Collections

Your One-Stop resource for billing and collections of your AME and QME reports.

“Your QME Reports paid, on average, in 5-19 days…”


We will fill out and send your Appointment Notification Form (DWC QME Form 110)

We prepare the claim form, cover letter, Proof of Service and W9 for your QME  report

We do an EAMS search to confirm all parties to be served

We place an EDEX Case Watch on your case so we can monitor important events

We’ll verify Claims Information, including DOI, Claim Number to make sure your report gets directly to the Claims Examiner

We will electronically bill your QME report to the Claims Examiner, and mail a hard copy to all other parties

We vigorously follow up to make sure that you are paid timely, generally payment occurs on average 5-19 days

Timely SBR and IBRs will be filed on your behalf for denials and/or short pays

We’ll send a copy of your billing back to you for your records


We will collect your QME reports that have been unreasonably denied, underpaid, or paid late.

If your QME was not paid, or was not paid on time, we will calculate the Penalties and Interest you are owed and add that to the demand to the Defendant.

If necessary, we will file Petitions with the WCAB specifically to get your QME Reports awarded.  (4622 Petitions and 10451.1 Petitions)  We may also file Petitions for Costs.

We provide Lien filing and WCAB Representation whenever needed

  • ”Our bills and reports are sent out the same day.”

    HK Chiropractor
  • "Westshore has collected over $1,000,000 in past due QME's for us, many with Penalties and Interest. I am so pleased with their services."

    CC Pain Managment
  • "Their knowledge of the Work Comp system is excellent."

    TH Neuropsychologist

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QME Billing and Collections is our Specialty.  We get you paid, in full, and on time!