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About WestShore Medical Billing, Inc.

Westshore Medical Billing, Inc. has been delivering professional billing and collections services since 1988, consistently increasing cash flow for medical providers.

With a team of experienced billing specialists, we have served thousands of providers in Northern and Southern California.

Quality Billing Services

Our Services

Medical Insurance Billing

Claims processing, electronic billing
Certified physician and hospital coding specialists
Consistent collections in all areas of insurance

Workers’ Compensation Lien Collections and WCAB Hearings

Specialized Workers’ Comp billing, lien filing, reporting
Lien negotiation and litigation
WCAB hearings representation

Full-Service Billing and Collections

Workers’ Comp billing through DaisyBill, Medicare, and Health Insurance Carriers
Requests For Authorization (RFA)
Second Bill Reviews (SBRs)

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OR Call Us: 916-783-7400

Contact Us Today

OR Call Us: 916-783-7400

Authentic Results

Why Choose WestShore Medical Billing?


Increased Cash Flow

Our professional billing and collections services can increase your monthly income by 10-50% through proper billing, coding, and aggressive collections strategies.


Workers’ Compensation Specialists

With over 15 years of experience, our specialists deliver the highest, maximum lien settlements for Orthopedic Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and more.


Quick and Efficient Payments

Our team ensures prompt payment of your medical liens, efficiently and at the maximum dollar, restoring your cash flow.

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